Active Breathwork Class

Active Breathwork Class

April 30th 2024 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Breathwork is an active meditation practice that uses a repetitive breath pattern to drop into an altered state. A powerful self-healing practice, breathwork can help you shift out of old patterns, confront limiting beliefs, and move stuck emotions. Regular practice allows you to experience more clarity, bliss, and presence.

What can I expect?

A 60-minute Breathwork class has four parts:

  • Introduction: We'll land in the space and ground. I'll teach you about the 3-part part and give an overview of the experience, including physical, mental, and emotional expectations.
  • Active Breathing: I’ll lead you through about 30 minutes of active breathing, which you’ll complete lying down. I'll guide your experience verbally, accompanied by music. During the breathing portion, it’s typical for folks to have physical, mental, and emotional experiences. Sometimes it’s only one and sometimes it’s all three! You may experience deep rest and relaxation, feel energized and clear, or process stuck emotions. Each time is different.
  • Rest: After breathing, you’ll rest and relax. This gives your body a chance to recharge and integrate the healing.
  • Debrief: I’ll guide you out of the experience, you’ll have the chance to share reflections, and you’ll be on your way

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