Opening Summer 2022!

Wrong Way Campground is currently under construction with plans to open in the Summer of 2022. Currently, you can book a cabin for dates after August 31st, 2022. Earlier dates will be opened up as we get closer to opening.

You can follow construction progress on Instagram or Facebook @wrongwaycampground. Come stay with us and slow down on “River-Time”!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt 

Your group will kick off at a designated spot with a welcome toast and brief run-down of the rules from your personal tour coordinator. From there, your group will guess clues and unscramble letters for a personalized team adventure through downtown Asheville! Each stop you visit will hold a clue to your next escapade. Your group can expect to experience anything from local food and drink tastings, to a group craft project, to inside tours of unique local establishments and more. In addition, get ready for fun team activities and surprises for your group along the way! Each hunt is self-guided and covers roughly 1.5 miles of downtown Asheville. Your Detour can begin any time between 11am-4pm.

Price pp: $65 - $75

Duration: 3-4 hours

Getting There: Drive to starting point in downtown Asheville

In partnership with: Asheville Detours

To Book/Purchase: Click HERE


Authentic Asheville

Stay at Wrong Way River Lodge & Cabins to experience Asheville's unconventional, outdoor-centered personality.


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