Fitness Class

Fitness Class 

Asheville FIT Tribe is an outdoor adult fitness group that meets at Carrier Park just 1/3 mile from Wrong Way. It is an opportunity to get an awesome workout in while also having a unique and super fun experience. The instructors train to the top athlete and push them to their highest level while also giving success options for all fitness levels and ages!

Monday-Thursday class times: 7am  |  8am  |  4:15pm  |  5:15pm  |  6:15pm

Friday class times: 7am  |  8am

Price pp: $15

Duration: 1 hr

Getting There: Walk, run, or drive 1/3 mile to Carrier Park and look for the red Asheville FIT Tribe flags

In partnership with: Asheville FIT Tribe

To Book/Purchase: Just show up! You can pay the instructor with cash or Venmo.


Authentic Asheville

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